Prices 2017: 7 DAY MIN CHARGED



(all subject to age and licence endorcements prices may vary) 

No min age


You will your licence, Proof of adress, Debit or Credit card

£25 pre payment to book Required on all hires online



£79 hire to include 700 miles and 7 days hire

You may choose to use the vehicle and insurance for less than 7 days 

1 month hire  £200-250  you insure (policy number will be req)


We may affectionately refer to our cars as Bangers, but our fleet of clean, well maintained and safety inspected vehicles has kept our customers happy and safe. We care about our customers and offer the best value available, and we always drive the cars we rent to make sure they are in good shape. 

The key to our longevity is that savings and value never go out of fashion. Borrow a Banger is a economic choice to the high prices of the large car rental agencies who will charge for the smallest scratch! Why pay more? 


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